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About the Registry

The Digital Registry is a directory listing of U.S. Government publication digitization efforts. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive listing of all these digitization efforts.

Before the Internet, U.S. Government publications were distributed in tangible format to Federal depository libraries and were made available for purchase from U.S. Government Bookstores across the United States and its territories and commonwealths.

Today, as U.S. Government agencies make information available on their Web sites, there has been an effort to digitize the tangibly distributed U.S. Government publications so that all these publications are accessible online. Libraries, government agencies, or other non-profit institutions contribute their time and resources to obtain official tangible copies of these publications, digitize them, and make them publicly available online.

Help the Digitization Projects Registry become the authoritative directory listing of U.S. Government publication digitization efforts by creating an account and adding your project.

Included in the listings are:

  • An overview of the project.
  • The institution(s) and partners involved in the digitization.
  • The scope of the digitization project (e.g., by volume, year, Congress, administration, geographic region).
  • The status of the project (planning phase, in-progress, completed).
  • Technical specifications of the digitization output (e.g., file format, metadata schema).
  • Whether a digitization project is seeking collaborative assistance.
  • A link to the publicly-accessible digitized content. URLs must point directly to project content, i.e. a collection home page or landing page.

Listings are added and maintained by the project owner.