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NASA Images

Various collections of images from NASA

National Institute of Standards and Technology Research Library

The National Institute of Standards and Technology Research Library has a science, engineering and technology research collection of over 300,000 volumes and current subscriptions to over 1,000 scholarly journals, electronic journals, and databases. The L ...

NC Census Data: 1960-1980

Hundreds of census profiles compiled by the North Carolina State Data Center (SDC) in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are full-text searchable as part of this project. The profiles themselves were originally developed by the SDC from datasets provided by the ...

Category:Social Sciences

Newsletter of the US Army Medical Department

The Newsletter of the U.S. Army Medical Department was published by the Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Army, on a quarterly basis from 1970-1973. Three issues were also published in 1974 with the title AMEDD Spectrum.

NIST WTC Repository

NIST acquired a large amount of visual material as part of its World Trade Center Investigation. A subset of this material, including photographs and video clips, was organized into a searchable database in which each image and video clip was characterize ...

NOAA's Collection of Rare 19th Century Oceanography Books

This collection features 19th century books that are archived in the NOAA Central Library’s Rare Book Room. These publications capture the spirit and accomplishments of the formative years of oceanography. The ten volumes include official accounts and res ...