The Registry is a listing of digitization projects undertaken by libraries, U.S. Government agencies, and non-profit institutions with a goal to increase access to historical U.S. Government publications that were previously only available in print format.

If your institution is engaged in digitizing and providing online access to these kinds of materials, you can help to support the Registry by creating an account and adding your project.

Each listing includes information such as:

  • An overview of the project.
  • The institution(s) and partners involved in the digitization.
  • The scope of the digitization project (e.g., by volume, year, Congress, administration, geographic region).
  • The status of the project (planning phase, in-progress, completed).
  • Technical specifications of the digitization output (e.g., file format, metadata schema).
  • Whether an institution is seeking collaborative assistance.
  • A link to the publicly-accessible digitized content. URLs must point directly to project content, i.e. a collection home page or landing page.

Listings are created and maintained by the project owner; GPO will monitor and vet listings as needed.

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