The Digitization Projects Registry is a great way to get the word out about your digitization project, find others with whom to partner and collaborate, and build on the digitization efforts of others. Apply to contribute in order to share and promote your unique digitization efforts.

Who can contribute to the Digitization Projects Registry?

  • Federal depository and other libraries.
  • Federal and other government agencies.
  • Non-profit institutions.

Digitization projects contained within the Registry must:

  • Consist of a majority (half or more) of digitized U.S. Federal government publications.
  • Provide free public access to the digitized material.
  • Indicate any elements that may be copyrighted (using the "Other Information" section of the entries).
  • Be free of bias and objective in nature.

A Registry project entry typically includes the following:

  • The title of the project.
  • A description of the project.
  • A publication series title, or a specific range of a Federal agency's publications (e.g., a set of publications identified by a classification range or by years of publication).
  • A status level indicating whether the project is planned, in-process, ongoing, or complete.

To apply, complete the form below. All applications are reviewed by staff at the U.S. Government Publishing Office prior to activation. Keep in mind that a project does not need to be federally funded to be included. Once your account has been activated, projects may be added to the Registry.

Contributors are responsible for creating, maintaining, and updating their listings. GPO monitors the listings to ensure that projects continue to meet the Registry criteria.


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