The Digitization Projects Registry supports collaboration between institutions in their efforts to digitize U.S. Government materials.

Even if you aren't currently able to sponsor an entire project, you may be able to collaborate with others on digitization projects, or begin a dialogue about future plans that would lead to a project.

If you want to contribute, view the list of digitization projects. Click on the title of the project and then click on the "Contact Owner" link at the bottom of the project page to communicate directly with the owner of the listing.

Ways to collaborate include:

  • Providing subject expertise in determining collections or series that are candidates for digitization.
  • Loaning or offering materials eligible for discard.
  • Suggesting collections that could expand or complement a project.
  • Providing research into technology or funding opportunities for a project; if grant proposals are required, they may need to be written, proofread, and checked for compliance.
  • Donating the time of staff available to assist with scanning, conducting quality control, or metadata research.
  • Monitoring the U.S. Government Publishing Office's Needs & Offers list to locate missing copies from a project's collection.

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